Roberta Williams working on her first game since 1996

Roberta Williams is working on her first video game since 1996??? She’s sharing her ultimate adventuring wisdom through design consulting?! …and there’s that new King’s Quest game coming out in, er, “some time”!?! WAIT, COULD THIS BE?!??!!?

No. Instead of making my dreams come true, Williams is working on some Facebook game called Odd Manor for which I care not a jot. But she seems excited about it. Says Lady Williams:

"While I have no plans to design and develop future titles; the art, characters and story of Odd Manor were so delightful I wanted to help with the project. I think that KingX Studios […] are doing a wonderful job telling a fantastic adventure story while staying true to the elements that make social games so much fun for folks online.”

Odd Manor is a game where you help a gnome fix a home & learn its secrets. Or something. While I go sulk and reflect on what could have been, you can read more about it here: Legendary King’s Quest designer Roberta Williams working on Facebook’s Odd Manor (Aug 14/11)

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